10 Little Mistakes In Bahubali Film and Grossed More Than 500 Crore

10 Little Mistakes In Bahubali Film
10 Little Mistakes In Bahubali Film

SS Rajamouli super hit film bahubali has 10 Little Mistakes

Baahubali was released worldwide on July 10th with rock steady star cast like Prabhas, Anushka, Tamannah, Ramya Krishna and Rana.The film has received rave reviews from critics, owing to its special effects and VFX. Even the Audiences have lapped the film up, enabling Baahubali to sky-rocket in terms of box office collections. However, Baahubali opened to massive earnings and packed houses all across south India, making somewhere around Rs 50 crore.

SS Rajamouli super hit film bahubali has broken several records of the boxoffice. bahubali film so far grossed more than 500 crore.and have left behind Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan’s films. fabulous climax, excellent graphics, powerful acting of stars in the bahubali film and tremendous direction of the film so film is being liked by the audience. But you know there are some little mistakes in the film. These are 10 little mistakes in bahubali film.

10 Little Mistakes In Bahubali Film

10 Little Mistakes In Bahubali Film Mistake-1

At the end of Pacha Bottesi song (2.20sec) suddenly ribbon knot appears which was not there before.


10 Little Mistakes In Bahubali Film  Mistake-2

Anushka was collecting sticks from absolutely clean yard. Not even a leaf could be seen where the sticks were lying.


10 Little Mistakes In Bahubali FilmMistake-3

Shivudu climbs the hill with bear foot, and all of sudden he appears wearing boots.


10 Little Mistakes In Bahubali FilmMistake-4

When someone tries to jump longer distances, they will have to run a little and then jump in order to gain some momentum. But Prabhas simply stands from the cliff and jumps.


10 Little Mistakes In Bahubali FilmMistake-5

The story of bahubali is narrated by kattappa to shiva.  In such case the Story should only include the events which are known kattappa by primary or secondary sources. The scene where BHALLALA decides to throw aways the rope to let bahubal die is only witnessed by bahubal himself. There is no logical sense that bahubal will tell this someone. Then how come kattappa knows this??


10 Little Mistakes In Bahubali FilmMistake-6

In the song “Dheevara” in which prabhas follows tamanna he falls and gets strangled into creepers/roots. In the next shot, only one creeper/root is seen.


bahubali movie mistakes picturesMistake-7

During the climbing scenes when he falls from very high location (mountains), it is shown like nothing has happened. He just slides below 200-300 meters mountain and he isnt even scratched.


bahubali movie mistakes picturesMistake-8

Before the beginning of the war, amender Baahubali sheds his own palm blood on the statue. That’s too much blood spill for a cut. How can flow?


बाहुबली फिल्म में हुईं ये 10 गलतियांMistake-9

Change in attires of Bhallaladeva and Baahubali during and after the Manohari song.



bahubali movie mistakes picturesMistake-10

When Tamanna asks her friend to take her place near the river to kill the guy who tattooed her, in previous shot that girl will be wearing full sleeves and in next shot she wears sleeveless.

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