Earthquakes in Nepal 66 Shocks within Two Days

in Bihar,36 people lost their lives. 6.7 intensity on the Richter scale, duration was about 22 seconds-earthquakes in NepalIn

earthquakes in Nepal
earthquakes in Nepal-66 lack people affected by the earthquake in Nepal

Saturday’s earthquake disaster was not assessed correctly that the Earth stretcher on Sunday which killed 36 people in Bihar. 12:39 pm Afternoon earthquake, 80 km from the center of Nepal’s capital Kathmandu Kodari was east. 6.7 intensity on the Richter scale, duration was about 22 seconds.

People panicked and rushed out of houses and fled to places of safety. Most deaths occurred due to shock. The highest 17 deaths occurred in North Bihar. Simancl, Kosi and in other parts of the state by the earthquake claimed the lives of 19 people. Saturday’s earthquake killed 61 people. So far 97 people were killed by the quake. However, 51 deaths have been officially confirmed.

earthquakes in Nepal
Earthquakes in Nepal

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Weather officials have alerted that just one or two shocks of this intensity can come.Sunday’s earthquake, the more than 12 deaths in the Darbhanga, Madhubani and Muzaffarpur were in. Gopalganj-madhepura three and two deaths in Siwan. Two each in Araria, Purnia and Nalanda in-one was killed.

Although the disaster management department OSD Bipin Kumar Roy said the Sunday earthquake has not received any communication of any casualty. Damage to some houses in the border districts of the notifications received control room. Families of those killed on Saturday four million grants is being given. Teams of physicians in the proper treatment of the injured are engaged.

Still earthquake with a magnitude of six can come

earthquakes in Nepal

AK Sen., director of the meteorological center said Sunday earthquake earthquake Saturday was secondary. Its intensity was a little less than yesterday. Saturday’s earthquake center 150 km from the center. Get away to the east. Center from the ground surface to a depth of 10 km. was down. By noon on Monday 6 to 6.5 on the Richter scale will retain the possibility of an earthquake of intensity. People are advised to stay away from the weak and damaged houses. As soon feel the vibrations go out in a safe place, especially in the open field.

earthquakes in Nepalearthquakes in Nepal

51 dead, an official communication arrived Saturday night to Sunday morning, after a mere 31 confirmed dead in the disaster management control room began to information to grow the number of dead. By five o’clock in the evening of 51 districts of the dead, an official communication was received. The official number of injured reached 173. So far, most have been 11 deaths in East Champaran district. 53 houses are damaged.

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