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Welcome visitor, to the computerstutorial a blog where you will learn about Computer Basic Knowledge,technology news, apps, gadgets, programming, WordPress and blog.

Computerstutorial primarily focuses on technology, News, computers tipas and tricks and all educational tutorial as well as blogging and WordPress internet tools and Internet marketing.

Computerstutorial is the right blog for anyone who learns about useful latest computer based technology, mobile, apps, gadgets internet marketing and wants to excel or is excelling in the online world. When I started Computerstutorial I thought the heading about computer basis, but in last 11 month, Computerstutorial also focuses on tecnology news, news, apps and WordPress.

Computer: about computer application and latest computer technology updates such as fundamental, programming, Microsoft Office mobile,apps and microprocessor tutorial provide at Computerstutorial.

WordPress Tutorials: Get beginner can start learning, how to use WordPress,wordpress tutorial for beginners ,WordPress internet tools and Internet marketing.

About Me: Aslam Khan

Hello Friends!

I’M  Formally introduce myself to you: My name is Aslam Khan and I am a Guy who is passion about technology and web.


Formally studious as an engineer, I am now a Blogger by profession. I love learning about new technologies. I hope, it would be helpful to others if I write my learning experience in the blog. So I have created this blog. I write everything what I learn.

Computerstutorial.com is a technology blog. It gives the useful information and technical tips for computer, mobile and internet users. Computerstutorial gives tips and tricks related to Windows, mobile, gadgets Android, Portable devices, Images and other various technical aspects.

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 website:  computerstutorial goal is to provide Computer Basic Knowledge, latest technology updates news such as fundamental, Microsoft Office, google apps ,apps, android, mobile, what is new in Google and microprocessor tutorial.

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