Best Websites to Create Blog for Free

Top 6 Websites to Create  Blog for Free

Blogging is one of the best platforms to Share their talent, experience, knowledge, your own opinions and your bouts of knowledge and business among the world wide via blog. In present scenario everybody want to create a blog and get experience, newbie thoughts how to become successful and how to actually make money via blogging.

Create Blog for Free

Blogging has become mainstream there are many blogging platforms available that allow you to create blog for free. Let’s take a look at the best 5 platforms that allow you to create a free blog.

Create a Blog for Free

WordPress is one of the most popular free open source blogging platforms right now. You can entirely Create Blog for Free.WordPress offers two variants, .com and self hosted WordPress (.org). Just it clears for you, you can create free blog with URL address like, ( learn is the domain name , and start blogging


Free blogging website


Blogger one of the most well-known popular platforms, widely used and a free blogging service hosting by Google.Blogger would be a Different free service for blogging. To start blogging and Create Blog for Free, Sign in with your Google email ID, and you can have a blog up and running in seconds, which can then be customized with new themes. Blogger allow drag-and-drop template editing, Geo-tagging dynamic updating, Blogger also boasts of editing tools like Microsoft Word, Google Docs and Windows Live Writer.


Create a Blog for Free

tumbler is the most popular micro-blogging platform and Social Networking website owned by yahoo. Tumbler allow to share anything such as post text, music and videos etc.tumbler known as microblogging because the style of blogging on a Tumbler blog is focused on short and repeatedly posts that are generally longer.


Create a Blog for Free

Hubpage is one of the easiest and popular free blogging platform that is largely used by users worldwide. Hubpages makes it very easy your online blog to publish and Create a Blog for Free. Hubpages enable you to publishing many articles on any one topic. Hubpages also allow you to make money using Hubpages Ad program.


Create a Blog for Free

Weebly is also other blog creation tool that allows free blogging templates it’s based on drag-drop components which enable you to quickly create new page. Weebly started in 2006, providing very extensive and well managed solutions. To create a free blog website in Weebly you can create an account, log in and select free templates and extensions for functionality.

Create a Blog for Free -computerstutorial is free to start a blog and you can choose fabulous themes, it’s basically a fully featured online publishing platform, all for free. offers blogging solutions for free and for a premium pricing per month, it can be added benefits for paid members.

These article describe only 6 Websites to Create Blog for Free But I missed out other popular free blogging platform.

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