Define Computer For Beginners and Senior User

Define Computer

Define Computer- Computer is an electronic device which has high processing speed. Simply it take an input from user and produced information as an output. It can perform repeated operation. It has a large storage capacity. It can also tack decision if proper program is written. It can accept information in various forms from outside world and provides results in various forms.

Define computer
Define Computer

On the other hand basically a computer is a device that receives input   information from the user, in the form of Digital data and do processing the data, it for some result based on a program sequence of instructions on how the data is to be processed.

The microprocessor is the most important components of a digital Computer. A microprocessor includes the functions of a computer’s central processing unit (CPU) built on a Signal semiconductor chip (IC) called microprocessor.

Now day’s computer science become necessity for everybody  should be learn basic of computers.

Computer replaced physically space needed for large amount of documentation and file records with small memory storage space.

Computer Science Overview  

“It is a branch of science for theoretical foundation of computation, information and their implementation and application in a computer system”

Computer science has many sub-fields each studied as a separate subject:

Computer Graphics: Study of use of graphics in computer.

Programming Languages Theory: Specify to use language to solve computational problem.

Data Structure: Study of logical relationship among different element of a collection of data.

Computer Architecture: Study of that aspect of computer which influence a programmer.

In this world many types of computer are available for every field to fulfill user requirement. Computers broadly classified by their speed and computing power.

PC- personal computer: The personal computer (PC) define computer designed for general use by a single user. These computers are called personal computer (pc). The first computer was launched by IBM as IBM/PC. Nowadays, thousands of vendors are there which supply personal computers. Processing power of these computers is increase day by day, Cost is reducing. The operating system used by these computers may be Microsoft windows, Linux, Mac OS etc. present scenario Personal computers come in many forms, including the new Apple iPad.personal computer


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