Excel-Backstage View

Excel Backstage View 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 introduces a new interface named the Excel Backstage View 2010. The Office Backstage view is a full-screen user interface model that exposes file-level functionality for the active document, where you can manage your files and the data about them creating, saving, printing and sharing sheets, inspecting for hidden meta data or own information, and setting options.

To get backstage view

click the File tab; appear in the upper-left corner of the Excel Ribbon to Create a New Workbook-> click New and then click Create.

Excel Backstage View 2010
Excel Backstage View 2010

To know about information opened sheet then it will display a window showing detail as shown below. Backstage view shows three columns when you select most of the available options in the first column.

Excel Backstage View 2010
Excel Backstage View 2010

The first column of backstage view contains options are save, save as, open, close, Info, Recent, New, Print, Save&send, Help, Option and Exit

Save: to save sheet with excel file extension .xlsx by default it will save in sheet 2010 format with extension .xlsx

Save as: to save existing sheet with other name.

Open: To Open existing Excel sheet.

Close: To Close Open Excel Sheet.

Info: This Option is used to know Information about the open Sheet.

Recent: This Option Show All recently opened Sheet.

New: To create or open new Excel Sheet.

Print: This option used to print an opened Sheet.

Save & Send: This option used to save an opened sheet and will display options to send the sheet using email etc.

Help: use this option to get required help about excel 2010.

Option: Use this option to set various options related to excel 2010.

Exit: Use this option to close the sheet and exit excel.

The Second Column of the backstage view contains information about Sheet Information when you click Info option available in the first column; it shows the following information in the second column of the backstage view:

Compatibility Mode: If the sheet is not a native excel 2007/2010 sheet, a Convert button available here, enable you to update its format. Otherwise, this category does not display.

Permissions: user can use this option to protect you’re excel sheet. User can set a password so that nobody can open your sheet, or you can also lock the sheet so that nobody can edit your sheet.

Prepare for Sharing: This section shows important information you should know about your sheet before you send, such as a record of the edits you made as you developed the sheet.

Versions: If the sheet has been saved many times, you may be able to access previous versions of it from this section.

Sheet Properties
When you click Info option, it displays various properties display  in the third column of the backstage view. These properties include sheet size, tags, categories and title etc.

You can also edit  properties. try to click on the property value and if property is editable then it will display a text box where you can add your text like title, comments, Author and tags.

Exit Excel Backstage View

It is simple to exit from Backstage View. Either  press Esc button  or click on File tab  to go back in excel working mode.

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