facebook anonymous login for Information privacy features

Facebook announces security facebook anonymous login features

Use the Facebook apps while no longer have to share personal information Facebook recently announced  that it will introduce several new features that will help facebook users retain greater control over the information they share online. new feature is facebook ‘anonymous login

Facebook ‘Anonymous Login’ feature allows users to sign into apps without sharing personal information

Facebook user can use apps without sharing personal information. Nowadays is increasing the use of facebook apps so, keeping in mind the security of personal information facebook developer introduce new features  to keep personal information privacy.

in present Scenario we have used many apps, we used have an option to either fill all details manually to resistive on that particular app or just “Log in with Facebook” and all the required information will be transferred automatically, but if we never want to share apps, facebook introduce new feature to that problem.

To take care of the privacy of Facebook users has introduced a new feature. Third party apps are not a threat to the privacy of users with the social networking website facebook anonymous login feature is presented. Personal Information shared without these features, users allows them to login.

facebook anonymous Login this new version of Facebook app users what to do and what not to share your personal data that can be selected. This category could be the check and unchecked. Login with Facebook without having the feature of permission any app will not post.

Facebook also introduced ‘line-by-line‘ control of information that gets shared with apps by clicking through a series of categories So, for example, if you are want to share information about your birthday but not your email address, you have that option

facebook anonymous login
line-by-line’ control of information that gets shared with apps by clicking series of categories

Facebook’s F8 developer’s conference in 2015 has been informed of this feature. In addition, Speaking of features, the changes have been made to the site control panel. ‘anonymous login features’ for those users who want to do so many apps try, but for fear of Facebook cannot share personal data.

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