Find Out If Someone stealing Your WiFi

Find Out If Someone stealing Your WiFi, If someone use your WiFi without your permission then You have several ways to prevent it. Whether you get changed passwords or increased security of your connection. But before that it is important to find out unknown person use Wi-Fi  or not. Find Out If Someone stealing Your WiFi we are telling 3 simple tips of Wi-Fi’ series.

How To Find Out If Someone stealing Your WiFi

 Find Out If Someone stealing Your WiFi

Method 1 -> You can find out by Wi-Fi modem light

  • In Wi-Fi router has many kinds of lights are blinks. One of this Internet connection, a LAN and a wireless device occurs.
  • If you know that someone has using your Wi-Fi network without telling you. Then to find out that, turn off all wireless devices.
  • if the all smart device like Laptop, computer, Smartphone, smart TV to be stopped then 3 light are stopped out of 4 in the modem.
  • If even after the lights does not stop, then someone is using your Wi-Fi network.
  • This method of course is easy, but it would be not fair to say infallible. Many times After closing smart devices, but it connected to your modem.

 Find Out If Someone stealing Your WiFi

Method 2 -> Network Admin

  1. See your Wi-Fi router device list
  2. This is a technical way. To check device list on router, first of all you have to check its IP address.
  3. Go to the run with the help of Win+R.
  4. To go command prompt type CMD in RUN window. Then a window will open.
  5. Type ipconfig in the windows and press enter. After which you will know about the default IP address.
  6. Now go to the browser, type the IP address. The browser will ask you to login to the router.
  7. If you have not changed the default settings of your router then ID and password will be “admin” and “password”.

What to do after login

It is imperative that you change your router’s password and ID, the same passwords hackers can easily attack on the router.

As soon as the logged on router, the connected devices or Attached Devices section must click on.

In the Many routers also have the name of the Device List? These names are changed in different routers.

In The list of how many users are connected to your Wi-Fi, will be fully informed. You can be easily detected that your Wi-Fi is being used or not.

You can solve your problem to Find Out If Someone stealing Your WiFi or not to follow above steps. More Detail