How To Know That You Are Blocked On Whatsapp

We all know that whatsapp is a common messaging platform. The service is available for all smartphones. Chatting, photos, videos and audio file everything very easy to send on whatsapp.

Many time users send messages. But they do not know that their mobile number has been blocked. If somebody has blocked you on whatsapp then it is very easy to find out. This article is going to tell you. How To Know That You Are Blocked On Whatsapp.

How To Know That You Are Blocked On Whatsapp ?

How To Know That You Are Blocked On Whatsapp
How To Know That You Are Blocked On Whatsapp

4 things to know that show you are blocked on Whatsapp. There are many indicators that show you are blocked on Whatsapp.

Last Scene status

  1. You can not long time see a contact last seen or online in the chat window
  2. If you have activated last seen status in your whatsapp profile, Then you will also able to see other user’s status. But if somebody blocks you, then will not see. For example, you may have been blocked by XYZ. Then blank space will appear the place of his last seen status. Learn more here.

Profile Photo

  1. If someone has blocked you, you will not see their profile photo. Contact photos will appear place of profile DP. If you have save them any contact photos in your mobile then will appear otherwise so it would seem, profile photo is not taken.

Message Delivery

  1. If a person has blocked you, then that person will not ever deliver the message. That means never show double check sign of the deliver message (message deliver). If a contact that has blocked you will always show one check sign (message sent).
  2. Read Receipt feature (double tick come) will only work if the user is receiving the message.
  3. If it does not, then either the receiver’s phone is out of network or whatsapp not running or you may have been blocked.

whatsapp call

  1. If someone has blocked you then will not ever call him on whatsapp Instead of connect a calls, Call End message will display again and again.

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