Hub plus USB Gadgets to Connect Smart Device

Hub plus USB Gadgets to Connect, Often users have to face the problem of the USB port who use of the Mac Book, iPad or tablet. All of these devices have only one micro USB port. Extra needs of port for connecting pen drive and other peripheral USB devises. The hub plus adapter can solve this problem. Hub plus adapter come with seven ports for different function. With the help of Hub Plus user can perform different action at a time the work is

  1. Types –C 2.
  2. Display.
  3. USB charging.
  4. Card reader.
  5. Power bank.

Hub plus USB Gadgets to Connect Devise

Hub plus USB Gadgets to Connect Devise

This Hub Plus adapter made of metal body and it is very attractive to see. This devise has built in lithium battery by this user can charge their Smartphone.

How to use hub adapter

Hub Plus connects to Device port with the help of micro USB cable. After this user can use it and during this keeping charge Hub Plus battery automatically and user can back up.


Hub Plus size is very little so easy to carry and this device has been designed by the German company. It is available in silver and golden cover.