LIVE: shocks of the earthquake in Nepal, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar

airtel has provided free all call from india to nepal

as a small gesture during this hour of crisis, airtel has made all calls from india to nepal completely free for 48hrs from 25-apr midnight till 27-a midnight

Earthquake in Nepal, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Tremors Were also Felt.

shocks the earthquake in Nepal

shocks the earthquake in Nepal

9:56 PM: Then came the 5.3 magnitude earthquake in Nepal, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, tremors were also felt.

9:26 PM: Assam’s Nagaon earthquake, magnitude 3.2, tremors were also felt in Delhi.

7:45 PM: The Foreign Ministry, in 1050 the Indian Air Force have yet pulled out of Nepal.

7:40 PM: Kathmandu Airport closed because of torrential rains and lightning.

7:30 PM: Two of India because of bad weather the plane could not land in Kathmandu. Plane carrying relief supplies were. Land in Allahabad.

6:58 PM: Vodafone has announced a loss for Nepal call rates.

shocks of the earthquake in Nepal
A man’s hand holding their loved ones killed in the quake

6:40 PM: Everest avalanche in the area killed 22, 217 still missing. The Indian team for Expedition reserved.

6.30 PM: According to the latest statistics, the official number of people killed in Nepal 2200. India has 67 Maaten, of which 51 deaths occurred in the state.

6.28 PM: Jai Shanker reported that the road through Raxaul and Sonauli stranded in Nepal are intensifying efforts to get people out. 35 buses have been sent to it.

6.25 PM: Jai Shanker reported that the number of Indians in Nepal a few thousands. Yet the government does not have exact figures.

6.22 PM: Jaishankar said Sunday NDRF and sent three teams. Tents, food and water, and will be three teams of the NDRF.

6.20 PM: Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar said Air Force will receive 13 aircraft Kathmandu, five of them already have arrived.

shocks the earthquake in Nepa

6.10 PM: Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar, Home Secretary LC Goyal, Defense Secretary RK Mathur are press conferences, give information on the earthquake

5.50 PM: Under-14 girls soccer team home safely returned to Nepal.

5:45 PM: In the next 24 hours could be rain in many parts of Nepal and India, may hamper the relief effort

5:37 PM: Body Bags, Tents and water to the Nepal government has appealed

4:50 PM: PM Aawas over a review meeting. Defence Minister, Interior Minister, Foreign Minister, were also included.

4:45 PM: 225 Indian passengers arrived in Kathmandu from Delhi C17 Globemaster aircraft.

4:30 PM: Nepal’s former Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai said that the news came from urban and places that can be reached. The full report on the toll could reach 5 to 10 thousand.

4:15 PM: Hailevl meeting at Prime Minister’s House continue being strategy for earthquake relief

3:55 PM: The Bollywood director Kunal Deshmukh friends wedding Nepal reserved. Were reported missing.

3.20 PM: Rajnath Singh said, will give full support to Nepal. UP, Bihar Buses were sent.

3.10 PM: In the earthquake affected people are addressed Kathmandu Ramdev

2.26 PM: The Foreign Ministry reported that a C-17 aircraft by tweets and an IL-76 aircraft carrying 52 passengers took off for Delhi with 200 passengers.

shocks the earthquake in Nepa

2.40 PM: plane could not land in Kathmandu. Airport strip was not good, the Authority’s refusal to grant landing permission.

2.30 PM: Patna DM ordered the school closed for 2 days.

2.15 PM: Sena MP, Prime Minister’s Relief Fund will give a month’s salary.

2.10 PM: Rajasthan Ndbi roof collapse in the death of 11-year-old girl.

2.00 PM: PM Modi convened a high level meeting at 3.30 pm. After the earthquake, the situation would be reviewed.

1.50 PM: After an hour, the Delhi metro service was restored.

1.45 PM: Kathmandu airport air traffic suspended but the relief and rescue operations would continue until four o’clock.

1.41 PM: Czech whole system will be restarted after the Delhi Metro. Speed will be reduced.

1.31 PM: Flights to Nepal from India paused until four o’clock. Kolkata Metro also stopped.

1.25 PM: Bihar’s Madhepura prison wall fell. Shastri said further underground NC Pant Aftershocks can have even more intensity.

1.00 PM: Nepal Kodari two earthquake tremors were felt once again. Intensity of 5.0 and 4.7 on the Richter scale.

12: 50 PM: Delhi Metro services after shaking stopped. People came out of the houses.

12:41 PM: The intensity measuring 6.7 on the Richter scale. The epicenter 80 km from Kathmandu to Kodari. shocks the earthquake in Nepal

12.39 PM: Nepal and India on Sunday, once again, the tremors were felt. Including Delhi-NCR, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, MP and Assam, these tremors were felt.


The National Disaster Management Authority for information regarding missing persons in Nepal issued the helpline number 011-26701728, 011-26701729, 09868891801 Indian Embassy in Kathmandu’s helpline number +9779851107021, +9779851135141

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