Top Tips and Tricks to Download YouTube Videos for free

Download YouTube Videos
Download YouTube Videos

Download YouTube Videos without  any Software 

You tube is the best video service on the internet. Youtube most popular video service provider and user friendly everything is available according to the user. Users are bound to find videos. Well, then you would use YouTube many times. Many users’ wants to download their favorites videos on the you tube videos website. We are providing easy ways to download youtube videos free also Tips and Tricks to Download You Tubes Videos by the URL of the YouTube videos may be slightly altering many things. Which you probably will not know. We are going to tell you about the You Tube website and How to Download You Tube Videos without Software.

Here same you tube videos downloads shortcuts. YouTube also has some shortcuts that can be used such as

J- Press j to rewind the video for 10 seconds, in video play time

K- To Play and Pause video press K from the keyboard can be used.

L- Press L to forward the video for 10 seconds, in video play time.

M- Press M to mute videos, in video play time.

How to Download You Tube Videos without Software 

So the download videos without any software-

Videos can be downloaded easily with the help of YouTube. To this will not need any special software.

You can download lots of videos without any software. MP3 files also to be downloaded from YouTube that can be to this you just have to change a little bit in the URL.

The pwn word:

To download any video then URL must type PWN in front of.

Remember URL http://or https://are removed first. For example

Download YouTube Videos

These videos will become something like URL-


Download YouTube Videos
Top Tips and Tricks to Download YouTube Videos

Download the MP3

You can download youtube videos in your favorite format. They are similar in MP3 from video files can be used to convert from the page. After you add the PWN in video URL will open a different site. In the above video on this site to download MP3 option and lower video will change the option (as shown in photo).


To convert video to MP3 formats must use one websites. Once the video to be converted you can be downloaded into your PC.

To Download youTube videos in the music form

If you want to download any video in the form of just music then you can use url tricks.   For any URL you have to type listento between “www.” and “YouTube”

 For example

These videos will become something like URL- watch?v=gxdbd1QztJA

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