Windows 10 Mobile Can Open Apple and Android Apps

Windows 10
Windows 10 will also work on Apple and Android apps

Windows 10 phone will also run Android and Apple apps

Microsoft is releasing software tool s that make it easier to run popular Apple and Android apps on Windows mobile devices.

Microsoft Company operates its Build developers conference in San Francisco in 2015, has announced a new range windows 10. According to the company all the way to Windows 10 mobile (devices) will be apps. Windows 10 will also be the ones who work on the Android and iOS apps that the phones are used in the users.

Build Developers Conference, Microsoft made an official statement, Microsoft will soon have new tools which help developers create applications on the Apple and Android operating systems on the Windows platform will be able to Adapt. Android and ios apps can then be easily ported to Windows.

Android and iOS app developers according to the company’s programming code on the Windows platform will use. This way they will make the app not again. Microsoft Developers Conference, the first day of his build Hololens, new web browser and certain features of Windows 10 on the spoke. Microsoft’s objective is straightforward:

It wants Windows becomes a development target for Android and iOS developers, and it’s expecting that make it easier to port programs will motivate developers to support its own software. It’s also expecting that consumers who might otherwise be turned off by the lack of applications will instead adopt Microsoft’s platform.

Microsoft said will released windows 10 as a free upgrade to users who have already now previous two version of windows is PCs or gadgets, provided they upgrade in the coming year That could help making a huge new audience of Windows users in a relatively short time, Gownder said.

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